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In our facility, cutting edge science meets practical applications to keep you performing your best whether you’re on the field or you’re at home with the family.

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For most people, BrainTap’s technology works well as a stress reduction, meditation, and learning aid. It has also been successfully used to ease the side effects of extreme stress. Improvement in sleep quality is often noted as the first improvement new users notice.

Localized Cryotherapy

Local cryotherapy uses a machine that includes a handheld piece that allows us to apply extremely cold nitrogen vapor (up to -240 degrees F) to specific parts of the body. The treatment generally takes about 5-10 minutes to complete and leaves the client with benefits that far exceed what traditional icing can provide.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy leads to a boost in the production o energy carrying molecules, and with this boost in energy, cells can function more efficiently to repair damage and become healthier. And all of that microscopic magic leads to the healing of skin and muscle tissue.

Compression Therapy

Used by both elite athletes and consumers alike to promote mobility, increase circulation, reduce swelling, and rejuvenate the muscles so you can get back out there faster and perform better. Whether it’s recovering from running an ultra marathon or increasing mobility so you can crouch down to hug your grandkids, we’re here to help you feel better.

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a-vanguard nitrile examination gloves

A-Vanguard Nitrile Exam Gloves

Min. qty: Carton of 10 Boxes
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domrex industrial nitrile gloves

Domrex Industrial Nitrile Gloves

Thickness: 8 mil
Min. qty: Container of 20,000
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domrex industrial nitrile gloves

Domrex Industrial Nitrile Gloves

Thickness: 6 mil
Min. qty: Container of 38,000
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