Things to Know Before Your Float

There are a few things we’d like to share with you prior to floating just so you’re aware of them. We advise you to follow as many of them as possible to get the best experience out of your time with us at Restoration Medical. Experiences in the float tank are as varied as the people who float in it! The experience is yours to have and the more relaxed you come in, the more you’ll get out of it.

If you are uncomfortable with that you may wear PLAIN WHITE underwear, but it’s NOT recommended. If you do choose to wear PLAIN WHITE underwear bring fresh, clean garments, and a plastic bag to store them in after your float. You will have complete privacy so garments really are unnecessary and can cause harm to the float solution. So if you decide to wear garments it’s at your own risk.

2. Skip shaving
The Epsom salt in our tanks can cause a distracting sensation on freshly shaved skin, so we recommend that men not shave at least 5-8 hours before a float. Women should not shave at least 10-12 hours prior to floating or wax 48 hours prior to floating.

3. Eat lightly
Feeling too full or hungry can intrude on the peace and relaxation you are searching for when you float. Try eating a meal of natural fruits and vegetables 90 minutes before you arrive for a balanced approach.

4. Avoid smoking if you can
The stimulating nature of cigarettes could disrupt the tranquility of a float, but everyone floats in a different way. You need to find the right combination for your needs.

5. Drink water but…
Being fully hydrated can enhance the floating experience as it fuels your mind and increases awareness. It is however a delicate balance. You want to be hydrated but not overly hydrated. There is nothing worse than getting in the tank, being in a beautiful place then feel the call of nature. You know your body. Stop drinking fluids when you know you can last at least 60 minutes without feeling that call.

6. The caffeine question
Similar to smoking, caffeine stimulates your body and specifically your heart. The purpose of floating is to relax, detox and slow down. Save the cupped lightning for after your float – you’ll understand why afterwards.

7. No fresh hair dye/color (VERY IMPORTANT)
No fresh hair dye/color at MINIMUM 48 hours before float. If your hair is still rinsing with color in the water, reschedule your float. If your hair dye/color contaminates the water in the tank, you will be held responsible for the replacement of the water, an $800 fee. If in doubt, we will do a wash cloth test here. Vivid colors, even permanent vivid colors are the most challenging.

8. Additional considerations regarding hair..
Your hair is going to get wet, even with most swim caps. Swim caps aren’t meant to keep hair dry, just reduce drag when swimming. We don’t recommend floating if you have hair extensions or keratin treatments. The Epsom salt can shorten the life of keratin treatments and can weaken the glue used in hair extensions. Please don’t float if you use beeswax or any other wax-based or heavy oil/grease-based hair products. The Epsom salt will pull these products from your hair and force them to ‘clump’ – which will clog our filtration system.

9. Use the Restroom
It’s vitally important to empty your bladder and bowels prior to floating. Make this a priority to avoid a hasty intermission or accident. See item #7 for consequences of contaminating the water.

10. Shower
When you arrive, you will be given a tour so you are familiar with where you are. Prior to floating, you will take a quick 5 minute shower to slough off the dust of the day, hair products, lotions, etc. Try your best to wash off all deodorant, perfume/cologne, makeup, gel, and other body products. You will be given a wash cloth to assist you in the process and a special, float-friendly shampoo and body wash will be provided. After your float you will be able to shower again to wash off the residual salt and wash your hair.

11. Earplugs
We provide you with a pair of reusable silicone earplugs. Insert earplugs before showering. Because they are silicone they create a better seal with inserted on dry skin, thus ensuring a tight seal to prevent from getting salt water in your ears.

12. Scrapes and cuts
We provide petroleum jelly in the bathroom for your convenience. If you have any areas with broken skin, use Vaseline to prevent the salt getting in a cut, causing a stinging sensation. If you have a major cut or scrape please consider rebooking. We also don’t recommend floating within 30 days of getting a tattoo.

13. Menstruating
Floating when you are menstruating can be very healing and comforting. Proper precautions do need to be taken however so that the float solution is kept pristine. You must be 100% secure in your barrier system. We are comfortable with tampons and menstrual cups or discs. If you are menstruating and not comfortable using either Tampons or cups/discs we ask that you rebook your appointment. There will be no cancellation fee if this is the case.

14. Contact lenses
It’s best not to wear your contact lenses in the tank. If you wear contacts please bring a case and solution so you can keep them safe while your float.

15. Jewelry
No jewelry will be allowed in the tank (Call for exceptions).

Remember, there is a 24 hour cancellation fee during the week, and 48 hours on the weekend. If you need to cancel, please do it as soon as you know unless there is an emergency.

Happy floating!