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At Restoration Medical we offer more technology for you to see, and experience! We designed this store so that if you are looking for any bracing, technology, or devices, we have created this space where you can come see, and try, any device between any of our manufacturers. 

Your Restoration requires more than just physical performance recuperation, so we offer Braintap to help improve your mental game. Braintap has numerous published articles to show how this technology is proven to address anxiety, depression, and PTSD. here are 1500 guided visualizations, and even a visualization for golf mastery. Braintap uses isochronic tones, binaural beats, auricular therapy, and LED lights that coordinates with the beats and tones in the opposite ear for full immersion in brainwave entrainment.

Hi Intensity Near/Far infrared therapy for pain and skin inflammation.

This therapy is often referred to as photobiomodulation, but the simple act of laying beneath these specific frequencies can improve skin tone, reduce wrinkles, reduce inflammation, and help reduce pain. Current literature indicates that it may play a role in the reduction of certain somatic cancer pain as well. If you stop by we will be happy to let you try the device to see the resuts yourself.