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Manamed Products
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We are proud to offer a huge range of Manamed products at cost-effective prices as compared to out competitors. Manamed products as they lead the pack with universally fitting products, cold therapy, DVT prevention, lymphedema therapy, pain reduction, and the newest bone stimulator in 20 years.

manamed products compression sleeve
manamed products manaflexx 2

ManaFlexx 2

Doctors prescribe muscle stimulation for post-surgical rehabilitation on a regular basis, however it has several applications in everyday training and recovery.

GOAT Knee Brace

GOAT is a universally sized Osteoarthritis knee brace indicated for patients with knee arthritis. This brace gives compression, and the ability to unload the medial, or the lateral compartment so patient can walk pain-free for longer periods.

manamed products goat knee brace
manamed products compression sleeve

ManaFlow 52 Compression Sleeve

ManaFlow 52 is a vascular therapy system comprised of a gradient compression sleeve with an intermittent pump that applies compression and pressure to the calves to treat lymphedema, edematous conditions and to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis.

We Love Manamed

Above are some of our favorite products, but did you know that you can order any Manamed product from us? If there’s something you need, but don’t see here, just let us know in the contact form below!

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More Best in Class Products

For veterans with community care insurance, our partner VQ Orthocare offers a range of products at zero cost.
Besides making orthopedic braces, Breg helps our customers from hurt to healthy by easing DME programs.
INTRAVISION XR is a cloud-based, 3D model medical software tool that automates the process of creating 3D models and allows you to visualize them.
We are proud to offer VQ Orthocare products to veterans, for free, through our relationship with Lovell Government Services, and Community Care partnership.
aspen medical products logo
Aspen is a world class manufacturer of Spine bracing, and now Aspen has added OA bracing, cervical traction, and more.
We offer Domrex Pharma’s full line of 4 mil blue nitrile exam gloves, Polyisoprene sterile surgical gloves, and Industrial gloves in multiple thicknesses and color. Unparalleled quality, and pricing.
Float Therapy

Float Therapy

Floatation therapy is a form of sensory depravation that can be a wonderful meditative form of stress relief.