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Veyezer Graph

75-80% of special needs students identified as learning disabled have basic deficits in language and reading.

- Learning Disabilities Association of America Tweet

What if we could catch reading deficits in children earlier?  We know that for both the student and the parents, when it comes to moving from the problem and into a solution, time is of the essence and the first step into that solution is getting an assessment.

Restoration Medical is proud to be the Florida distributor of VeyeZER™ Graph, an assessment tool which uses eye movement tracking to provide valuable insight to the underlying factors causing reading impairments in both children and adults.  The VeyeZER™ Graph application utilizes the Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset and a personal computer to collect data from tracking saccadic eye movements of the reader. The information collected is then used to evaluate reading performance based on standardized norms for grade levels. 

The technology behind VeyeZER™ Graph may be new but the science of using eye tracking tools to better understand factors affecting reading comprehension has been in practice for over 30 years.  The VeyeZER™ Graph application was built on the concepts of the Visagraph testing tool that was created in 1985 by Stanley Taylor.

The VeyeZER™ Graph application has a user-friendly interface for both the subject and assessor that requires the subject to wear the HoloLens headset and read a paragraph-long passage.  The application tracks the eye movements of the reader and then provides results and video replay of the passage read showing eye movements.  Experience the assessment results by seeing how each word was read. No more guessing about where the problem lies, the data is easy to read in graphical formats which are easy for everyone to understand.

VeyeZER™ Graph is a cutting-edge tool based in long-standing science that has the power to revolutionize how entire school systems address reading and comprehension issues with their students.  It can also be utilized by Optometrists, teachers, and parents.

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